W E   C O U L D   B E   H E R O E S

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Bill-MorleyThis chap is my grandfather. He’d just saved the day in some sporting event or other. He was often doing that. I love the way every single face is a little story of joy and awe.

My next single is called ‘Pondering On A Scenario In Which I Am The Hero’. It’s about all those little daydreams where we pretend we did or said things incredible. We didn’t of course, we’d just like to imagine we were capable of it.

As always it’s free for a while – hopefully you’ll download it and then tell others to do the same.


One Comment on “W E   C O U L D   B E   H E R O E S”

  1. I love the last verse in this song… superb use of the rule of three!

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