T H E   O P E N   R O A D

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the_open_roadAh Wales. A land of poets and minstrels, famed men. Not my words – the words of the Welsh national anthem.

Never will it be more true though than this weekend as people flock to the Square Festival in Aberystwyth to see people like Supergrass, The Holloways, Gideon Conn and me.

If you’re in the area come along and say hi! I’ll be on the main stage during the day on Sunday.


One Comment on “T H E   O P E N   R O A D”

  1. Hey man.. Really enjoyed your set at the Square Fest. Said a hi to you during the equally awesome Gideon Conn yesterday. We’ll be sure to pay you a visit if you play in Birmingham anytime soon or indeed in the future!!

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