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I’m delighted to announce that Apple have invited me and the band to perform a special concert at their Covent Garden store on Friday 15th July. They don’t hold these too often so it should be quite an exciting experience.

Here are the key facts in the style of a Steve Jobs bullet point presentation:

  • We’ll start at 7pm sharp
  • It’s totally free
  • You don’t need to buy any iThings if you don’t want to
  • Address / Map is here
  • We’ll be in the central skylit atrium with the pretty roof
  • If you’re lucky I’ll cover my guitar in iPads like guitarists of the future probably will

Please come – let’s make this a lovely little rare event to remember! It’s just the start of some really exciting plans for the autumn and beyond which I’ll be able to announce very soon.

See you there!

jake x

(Photo by Adam Roberts)

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