The Everything Goes Back To Normal Button

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Every tour I like to run a competition. This year it’s this.

One of my new songs is about An Everything Goes Back To Normal Button, so I decided to make a batch for real.

I’m giving one away at each gig of the tour to someone deserving of one. The best way to deserve one is to help me out promoting a gig – spread the ticket links around, drag people along and help make the night special.

These things have taken ages to make, loads of different parts to source and I’ve put each one together by hand – just imagine the montage! Pencil-behind-the-ear drilling… going to B&Q… as a result I’ve only made 50 for now, but if people like them I might try and make some more. You can also buy one for £10 at a gig or there’s a sticker version too.

If one goes to you, post up a photo or video with it and share it online. Be creative.

Wherever they end up, I hope they find a good home.

2 Comments on “The Everything Goes Back To Normal Button”

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