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Jake Morley - The Choir Brigade

Overdubs are continuing at pace! Last Sunday we were working on those two close cousins of each otherĀ  – sax and choir – and BOY what a day that was.

Firstly, Tom Harrison did some incredible stuff with the sax. We only used it sparingly, but what we’re putting on is exactly right – some fabulously breathy stuff on The Light, and beefing up another couple of tracks.

At about 4:30pm the choir started filtering in, and I have to say it might be the best session of my life. 15 beautiful voices from 15 beautiful faces belting out Feet Don’t Fail Me Now in perfect harmony left me speechless. And such lovely people too. My sincerest thanks to both old close friends and The Choir Brigade who kindly made up most of the group and performed so professionally. I was really quite overcome….

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