Weight On My Eyes

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I won’t let this evening die
Hold it closer
No veil gonna shroud my eyes
Not even nearly
The darkness fears me
Cos I won’t yet let go
Won’t consign this to history
The weight on my eyes

I won’t let this night forget
Stay within me
I won’t sign my name just yet
won’t give back this day to the place it came from
Tonight I ruminate until
The weight on my eyes comes

Just one flash

Control is a desperate dream
Of chasing shadows
For now balance flows through me
But blink and it’s gone
Lost to the dawn where the sunshine hits like thunder
Don’t surrender to slumber

The weight on my eyes
Simple measures, precious pleasures

I’m king of the day tonight
And seeing it clearly
But I’m the fool of tomorrow’s light
To come all this way
And just throw it away
Oh I can’t let go

Just one flash
And the whole world’s turned

Morning’s guns are trained on me
Not my problem
Cos tired though my bones may be
All that I know is
I ain’t gonna go down without a fight
I’ll be railing through the night
Until the weight on my eyes
The weight on my eyes
The weight on my eyes takes me home

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