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Xmas 2012

Happy New Year! I’ve just spent a few quiet months songwriting, it’s been wonderful, and also quite difficult. I hadn’t sat still for 3 years and there were so many new things to uncover. What to do and say next?

I found myself spending at least as much time just thinking. Thinking about…. stuff… how can I be more happy? Will they still teach kids how to write with a pen in the future? Is it ok to eat meat?…..

If I had to point to a subject I’ve written about most it is mental health and my relationship with thinking, the treasures and traps to be discovered from being more aware of my own thought processes, and the moments of joy from switching it all off sometimes. Over the next few months I’ll be writing more songs, working out how best to record them and doing small solo gigs to test them out live. Any new dates will go up on the gigs page as they’re confirmed, so come and join in if there’s one near you. Ideally, they’ll be cheap, simple and a little bit interactive.

Mega excited about this year, perhaps more than any other ever. I’d love to release album 2… either way it’ll be ready when it’s bloody brilliant, and not before.

I’ve been a bit quiet online recently. I wasn’t sure what to say so I thought it best to say nothing. But I’m back online now, so let’s talk there now, or in person.

Wish you the happiest 2013!

Jake x

3 Comments on “What’s On Your Mind?”

  1. Sounds wunderful – what you did and your plans for the future. I hope I get you see you one day live, somewhere in France!
    But I would like to know from you, how do you overcome to much thinking and get more into the creative, mindless zone?

  2. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of you Jake! You take your time though. It’s great to see a musician who cares so much about the music they make. Ghostess has to be one of my favourite songs of 2012 and if you’re music is going in that direction then I am more than excited. It’ll be great to see you live again and fingers crossed it won’t be long before we get to see you and John and the band playing together too!

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