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“Yarrrgggh” the grizzly bear roared.

“Yargh yourself” I replied, darting behind him in one smooth motion and leaping high on his back, pointing towards the sunrise. “Let’s explore the wilderness”.

Well anyway I think I’m coming to the end of all that nonsense now, so here’s an idea.

How about we go to a really small venue, maybe 30 of us or something. I’ll play mainly new songs and together we’ll get a feel for which ones are good, and which ones are, quite frankly, amazing.

What I’ve got in mind is a ‘Work In Progress’ theme. Be prepared for me to stop a song half way through because I’ve been hit by the crushing realisation that it’s rubbish. I’ll talk a bit about the songs, and you should feel free to voice your opinions if you want to.

We could do it sort-of-regularly as the songs develop into an album. Maybe once every couple of months in London, and in other parts of the UK as well if possible. Because it’s not the finished article, I’ll make sure the tickets are as cheap as possible, basically just enough to cover the pyrotechnic display in the finale.

It’s not a focus group or anything – just a chance to play new material to people who will be honest and will forgive me if I make the odd foray into a genre or subject one should never foray into.

If you think that’s you then let me know, along with where you live and we’ll try and make it happen.
Or just stay tuned for when the ‘Work In Progress’ dates are announced.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing short sets in Nottingham, Bristol and Bury next week, with other dates planned for April and May. My gigs page has more info:

Big grizzly love
jake x

2 Comments on “Work In Progress Gigs”

  1. Sounds fantastic to me – I started an Open Mic night in my little village in France about 6 months ago and it’s really interesting because 1. it is not a Frence concept so they were confused from the outset and 2. people have started to bring new material and I’ve seen it change between sessions based on reaction – if you’re ever accidentally in the PyrenĂ©es let me know, and you can come and play – no one will know who you are, except me! Anyway, have fun!

  2. Sounds like a great idea. The audience get to see and maybe even take part in a part of the creative process. Hope it works out.

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