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Jake Morley at The Water Rats supporting Diana Vickers

Really fun night last night – me and John opened the show for Diana Vickers, an ex x factor finalist. Luckily they didn’t force us to sing 1 min 30sec versions of old pop songs and tell me my dress isn’t very flattering. Any Diana fans found there way on to this site?! Helloooo to yoooo…

The best bit however was probably when her crew loaded all of our gear into their van and almost drove to manchester with it…

Cool night tho! I wonder what Simon would have made of our performance?

2 Comments on “X X FACTOR”

  1. Amazing Jake, in this photo and from a distance, I thought it was Col!

  2. You guys were awesome, 1st time I had seen you and I was very impressed. Looking forward to seeing you again! Have bought the EP on Itunes and await the Album!

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