04/05/13 Miss Peapods, Penryn, Cornwall

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I’ve just finished one of those amazing books that breaks into your mind, jumbles all the furniture around, leaves a diamond and a turd on the kitchen counter and then laughs merrily off into the night. That’s right I am elated, confused and reaching for the Domestos. It’s called A Fraction Of The Whole and it reminded me a lot of another book I loved – Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintence. They’re both father/son relationship stories told through a haze of infuriating and brilliant amateur philosophy and they both suggest that intelligence doesn’t make you happy.

I’ve definitely been trying to be intelligent in my songwriting recently, and lo and behold, the same bloody thing has happened to me. Sitting around trying to be intelligent made me isolated and self-indulgent. The more I think, the more I think thinking is my most unattractive attribute. It is doing that is the truly great idea, the best idea ever!

My mission in life is therefore to distract my stupid brain long enough to allow me to get on with the doing bits: writing songs and blogs, recording kick-ass albums, playing great gigs, cooking nice food for people, having fun, filling out tax returns where necessary without complaint, trying to make young children laugh, not showing my palm when someone on the street asks me for money like I’m actively blocking their existence, calling the friends I’ve been meaning to call but haven’t because I’m rubbish, all that stuff.

Anything that sits in an airless room ultimately begins to smell, which is why thinking stinks and doing is amazing. That is why I love going on tour so much, it’s such a clear act of doing something! How can you feel stagnant when you’re always moving? Doing does have the drawback of potentially hurting people more, so make sure you’re perfect first, then just relax and be yourself with utter thoughtlessness.

Miss Peapods is a beautiful cafe by the harbour in Penryn, Cornwall. The idea of a liberal, organic cafĂ© that runs live music nights next to a houseboat might sound like a bit of a clichĂ© these days, but I don’t care because it’s bloody brilliant. They’re kind, warm and hilarious, and they all really care about people and music (thank you especially to Leigh and Simon and the beautiful lady doing the doors whose name I have unforgivably mislaid). Plus their chocolate cake was so good I had to stop eating it for a moment so I could properly re-appreciate how it feels to have the first bite. I only wish I could have rewarded them with more fistfuls of punter’s money, and even a better performance, but I’m pleased with some of my new songs, and there’s a lot to take forward.

Florence Bird was a great support act too who has real potential. Saying someone has potential is such a frustrating compliment, I don’t want to have potential I want to be the best NOW! Ah well, she’s really good, and if she has the patience, she’ll get even better. Go Florence the world is with you!

Thanks so much to everyone who came down, I’d so love to come back in the Autumn if you’ll let me. Next stop is Suffolk, the Angel in Woodbridge.

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