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Jake Morley - Spring Tour Blog

Evening all.

Water is literally falling out of the sky here in Newcastle, but the mood in the camp is excellent. For a start, I’m not actually camping, which is a real plus, and also these gigs have gone great.

Henry Tudor House was a gorgeous venue, and another sell out. I love the extra dimension that The Manual brings, but it does make picking setlists harder. Mixing different kinds of songs together is a big goal for me. Life isn’t always the same, so why should music be? Not sure I got the balance right that night, but the crowd were so great it didn’t matter.

Leeds was a wonderfully eclectic night, with such an exciting atmosphere. It was a particular pleasure to meet Louis Barabbas and Issimo Music. Check out their music if you fancy something new.

Lastly, Sam Brookes and I put on our own Newcastle show … Read the rest

UK Spring Tour Blog 1

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Jake Morley UK Tour Blog

Greetings from backstage at Henry Tudor House.

Last night in Nottingham was a bit of a barnstormer. There was definitely something in the air.

It seems almost vulgar to mention that it was sold out, but there we go I said it and actually it means a lot. So thank you.

It would be quite something to do this every night. Truth be told there isn’t quite the demand right now, audience size ebbs and flows.

For now I’ll just enjoy whatever I get. Tomorrow Leeds, and then Newcastle. Great times.

Was a little nervous about this tour but The Bicycle Shop in Norwich was such a pleasure, it felt very musical which sounds obvious but is something musicians like to say. Thanks so much to all who joined us.

After that was The John Peel Centre. What a space. Love these big high ceilings, and love touring with Sam … Read the rest

France Tour Blog

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What about that view? A quick video shoot yesterday and I’m definitely in the Alps section of the tour now.

Thanks to all who turned out to the Villars and Morzine shows, it’s been a pretty intense schedule, but you make the long journeys and small shows all worthwhile. On to Chamonix now to play MBC.

Had a beautiful concert at Fontainebleau a couple of days ago that wouldn’t have happened without someone sending a random speculative email to me.

If you’re wondering whether to send a random speculative email to someone always do it.
No gig photos from the Compiegne gig, a shame as there were some proper disco lasers and excellent people.

Anyone else got any random speculative emails they’d like to send?

3 kisses (if you’re Swiss)
2 kisses (if you’re French)
Double hi-5s to the rest
X… Read the rest

Time To Go On Tour

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Jake Morley On Tour

4th OCT – Manchester – Bryde + Jess Harwood
5th OCT – York – Bryde + Joshua Murray
7th OCT – Sheffield – Bryde + Emma Crowder
8th OCT – Cardiff – Bryde + Ellie Makes Music
9th OCT – Bristol – Bryde + Ellie Makes Music
11th OCT – Exeter – Bryde + Ellie Makes Music
17th OCT – Winchester – Tali Trow
18th OCT – Brighton – Bryde
21st OCT – London – Bryde + John Adams
23rd OCT – Ipswich – Bryde + Charlie Law

Delighted that Bryde can join for so many dates.
Right I’d better start rehearsing…

Tickets: the rest

2013 UK Tour Blog

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The tour ended last night under a mirrorball in Edinburgh. 27 dates in 6 weeks around the UK and I can honestly say it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.

Sorry I’ve not blogged more – I’ve been totally solo this tour, and managing myself is a full time job!

But playing solo has really rejuvenated me, made me feel musically free in a very important way, and I feel grounded as I go into a new phase of recording and playing with the band again next year.

A good handful of the gigs officially sold out and a load more were full or proper choc-a-blok-man, but even the odd quiet gigs were ones to cherish and had a great atmosphere. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME TO A GIG.


Although the venues were generally small, it still amounts to a good couple of thousand people who … Read the rest

31/05/13 South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes, Devon

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After a couple of very special gigs in Totnes over the last year, I was asked to play the opening night at the new South Devon Arts Centre, hosted by one of its patrons ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris. What a space, I bloody love it. There’ll be some great nights here in years to come.

Totnes is up there with Hebden Bridge for beautiful places people dream of moving to when they’re fed up with living wherever they currently live. I can’t say I blame them. I met so many excellent friendly people.

Also, it’s utterly gorgeous. I went for a run the following morning in the sunshine by a river through a wood and felt totally peaceful and happy.

Totnes run

Just in case you were wondering – I’m not one of those people who run 7 miles every day before breakfast. I was just inspired by the chap who put me … Read the rest

23/05/13 The Moon Club, Cardiff

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Where should my personal life end and my music begin? The best music draws upon our experiences, and I often love music precisely because it is so personal.

Some artists like Daft Punk play down their humanity, enabling them to transcend it and become post-human pop mega-beings. They present us with a vision equally unfamiliar to us all, so we all feel equal before it which can be an epic unifying experience. Good old Daft Punk you’ve smashed it again. Their gig in Hyde Park a few years back is in my top 5 gigs ever. It was like aliens had come to earth to show us how to do music properly, and I wasn’t even on drugs. Lots of people were, what must it have been like for them?!

In contrast, ‘personal’ things tend to divide everyone into two groups: ‘people who feel like me’ and ‘people who don’t … Read the rest

20/05/13 Moles, Bath

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I’ve been in the grip of a bread making obsession recently. Taking a step closer to the sandwich shop perhaps?

There always was a bit of the ‘never a truer word than spoken in jest’ to that lyric, but I bet I’d get bored of being a baker. I’d soon be craving learning something new.

Before the gig I went to Wagamama’s in Bath with some old friends, and was telling them about my idea to get a job in the kitchens until I’ve learned how to cook the entire wagamama menu. Then I’d quit and do the same at an Indian restaurant, an Italian restaurant and so on. Then you could just keep going – be a builder, a plumber, an electrician, a gardener, a barman, a sailor, a cabbie, each year of your life a new job, like childhood curiosity for adults. You wouldn’t earn a lot, … Read the rest

16/05/13 The Guitar Bar, Nottingham

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There are three main reasons I chose Nottingham for my university:

– It was suitably far away from home to experience the thrill of moving out, but not so far when it came to that cliché about the washing.
– Me and my friend jack visited the campus on an open day. It was gloriously sunny so all the girls looked gorgeous. We sat on the grass next to the lake and the student union served us beer, even though it was an open day so we were quite obviously under 18. Jack found a fiver on the floor.
– It was meant to be good for law, which is what I’d applied for.

For the next three years we all played at being adults, doing things we thought adults did like stay out late in clubs drinking VKs and dancing to awful music. It was a playground of boys … Read the rest

13/05/13 Oporto, Leeds

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Writing a new song is a bit like getting to know someone new. You start with only little superficial details and gradually get to cut the crap and find out what they’re like deep down. What are their true motivations? Where have they come from? Are we going to get on?

For example I’ve got a new song called Falter. For months the music evoked something in me, a sort of sadness, but I ignored that and wrote the lyrics about other things like the joy of repetition or people who don’t stop to think before they act.

Eventually as I got to know the song more, I realised all this was like putting a suit on a surfer dude, or a hippy tie-dye t-shirt on a goth – it just didn’t fit the personality right. I stopped fighting it and let it be who it wanted to be, which … Read the rest