23/05/13 The Moon Club, Cardiff

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Where should my personal life end and my music begin? The best music draws upon our experiences, and I often love music precisely because it is so personal.

Some artists like Daft Punk play down their humanity, enabling them to transcend it and become post-human pop mega-beings. They present us with a vision equally unfamiliar to us all, so we all feel equal before it which can be an epic unifying experience. Good old Daft Punk you’ve smashed it again. Their gig in Hyde Park a few years back is in my top 5 gigs ever. It was like aliens had come to earth to show us how to do music properly, and I wasn’t even on drugs. Lots of people were, what must it have been like for them?!

In contrast, ‘personal’ things tend to divide everyone into two groups: ‘people who feel like me’ and ‘people who don’t … Read the rest

#21 The Glee Club, Birmingham

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I don’t mean to brag, or set myself up for an epic fall, but I am very very good at handling tequilla. Something the rugby lads I met at my last Ed Sheeran gig were keen to test again tonight by laying out 6 shots for me as I came off stage, with 5 minutes left til chucking out (hopefully not chucking up) time.… Read the rest

#15 The Trades, Hebden Bridge

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“They said that they loved you, but they used you as a playground when they were young”
Love Letter To London – Luke Haines

Where do all those people go who loved growing up in London but ‘don’t think it’s right to raise kids there’? I bet a fair few emigrate to Hebden Bridge, and I can’t say I blame them.… Read the rest