#15 The Trades, Hebden Bridge

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“They said that they loved you, but they used you as a playground when they were young”
Love Letter To London – Luke Haines

Where do all those people go who loved growing up in London but ‘don’t think it’s right to raise kids there’? I bet a fair few emigrate to Hebden Bridge, and I can’t say I blame them.20111018-102616.jpg

It’s a beautiful, liberal, historic, fiercely independent and properly close-knit community. Think craft workshops, recycled bicycles…


yoga classes, anti-tesco petitions, ye olde sweetshops, posh cafes, nice walks with the dog

shops titles like this…

and, weirdly, one of the highest rates of heroin addiction and suicide in the country (Hot Fuzz anyone?). Maybe the kids are reacting to a life designed for grown-ups?

Holy crap it’s tempting to move there though. Everyone you meet is impossibly lovely. They know their neighbours (and their neighbour’s business…)

It was an emotional place to revisit for John who knew the area well as one of his oldest friends calls it home. Ged, Rosie, Chris and Becky – a nicer bunch anywhere you won’t find, they took us into their homes, cooked for us and treated us like their own. Proper hospitality. We almost forgot we had a gig to do.


Despite a low-ish turnout – maybe 25 or 30? – we played so musically, moving with each other like a school of fish. I loved it, and I think everyone else did too (were you there? Was it good?!). We’ll be back one day I’m sure of it.

After the gig it was great conversation and nice wine well into the night. And if that’s boring to read about cos you weren’t there, try thinking about other great times you’ve had and just superimposing those memories over this story?

Hebden Bridge – what a place. If you’re passing through one day maybe stop and take a look around. Perhaps you’ll never leave?


Postcard sent to: I’m behind on all of this but I’ll update soon!!
Next Postcard to: Rosie
Free T-Shirt to: Sharon Watts
Thanks to: Ged, Rosie, Chris and Becky for being truely awesomely themselves, Jason on sound, James Rhodes-Baxter who I was so happy to share a stage with again – let’s not leave it so long next time, Rachel and her friend for turning up for the second gig in a row (and Rebecca for being there in spirit), Sharon Watts, Steve and everyone else who came along. See you next time.

4 Comments on “#15 The Trades, Hebden Bridge”

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  2. I was also there with my friend who lives there. I came in late but didn’t go to the concert room but to the bar in the next room, knowing nothing of Jake Morley or his music what did I care? Well, 20 seconds listening to the music coming from next while ordering my drink I had a change of heart fast!
    I caught about the last 15 minutes of the set but was nothing short of blown away. Bought me an album and haven’t had it off the iPod playlist since. Shortly after I returned to my job as a musician on a cruise ship for 4 months but now I am on leave, I am eager to see him play again which will most likely to be in Bristol May 5th. I hope so, I get to talk to him again and maybe he’ll even remember my ugly ass!!!
    Regards to you Mr Morley!!

  3. Can’t believe you thanked me for turning up to two gigs in a row. It was, genuinely, my absolute pleasure. Fabulous evening and I’m looking forward to the next one already x

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