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Evening all.

Water is literally falling out of the sky here in Newcastle, but the mood in the camp is excellent. For a start, I’m not actually camping, which is a real plus, and also these gigs have gone great.

Henry Tudor House was a gorgeous venue, and another sell out. I love the extra dimension that The Manual brings, but it does make picking setlists harder. Mixing different kinds of songs together is a big goal for me. Life isn’t always the same, so why should music be? Not sure I got the balance right that night, but the crowd were so great it didn’t matter.

Leeds was a wonderfully eclectic night, with such an exciting atmosphere. It was a particular pleasure to meet Louis Barabbas and Issimo Music. Check out their music if you fancy something new.

Lastly, Sam Brookes and I put on our own Newcastle show last night. Touring with Sam has been an absolute joy, and his new songs will make for an exquisite album later this year. This night was the perfect end to his leg of the tour, with lots of new faces. Hopefully we can come back again.

My next two dates:
10th March – Kendal (with Joe McCorriston)
11th March – Stroud (no support)

Then it’s a grand finale with Bryde:
12th March – Totnes

As a reminder, here’s a track to listen to:

Photo by Sam Brookes


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