#13 Independent, Sunderland

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Somewhere between too many free whiskies at 4am and me thrashing her repeatedly at pool, Lisa had lost her purse. We turned the hotel upside down but with no joy. Initial grief makes way for self-flagelation. I’m SUCH an idiot… it’s a feeling I know well after years of practice.

John and Lisa pointed the van in the direction of Sunderland. I bet they wonder how I ever managed without them tour managing. I seem to have developed a reputation as someone who couldn’t find his way out of a crisp packet without

I’ve got a big team now – a manager, a co-record label boss, a band, two tour managers, a radio plugger, online help, a national press agent, a live agent, a main promoter, a distributor, a lawyer and an accountant. This leaves me with performing, writing songs, writing blogs, doing anything design or web-related, talking to fans and sticking my oar in about everyone else’s jobs.

The less I’m responsible for the more I can feel infantilised. I actually managed very well before I had any help – but god was there so much less to do then! It was just me selling a home-made EP from the boot of my white knight.

Now everyone is doing what they do best, for everyone’s benefit. I’m an average tour manager, John and Lisa are amazing, I’m a rubbish live agent, Pete is amazing. Maybe the difference between a smaller act and a bigger act is sometimes just how many people they can convince to join them on their Forest Gump-style run towards…. well… who knows what…

Sunderland was overcast and bloody cold. Which of course didn’t stop the young girls going out wearing almost NO CLOTHES AT ALL. I felt like being a father and saying christ sake cover up girl you’ll freeze to death! I suppose it always feels warmer when you start wearing your beer coat.

The Independent is now the only real live music venue left in Sunderland. But wow they have something special going on there. Its such a lovely room, lovely staff, proper good people, and Neil the soundman who has the best music collection on his ipod ever.

Natasha Haws tore through her support set. What a superb talent she is – exciting to see what she could do from here. And a proper good lass too. If you’re reading this Hawbag keep it up! Most of your verses had two chords in them, which is cool, but maybe try something different to get more variety?

Paul Liddell – now there is a man who has his shit together. Frighteningly good at guitar with an effects board from the Starship Enterprise and feet like Fred Astaire. Good songs too – a very entertaining set.

We played well – if only more people had been there to see it. Ah well this is what building is all about. Hopefully we can come back and sell it out – I could ask if Natasha and Paul are up for playing too!

Back at the hotel we asked again about Lisa’s purse. The receptionist opened a drawer and took it out. Cue screaming and laughing and much merriment! We’d earned the right to crash out…

Postcard sent to: Laura
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Free T-Shirt winner: Jayne
Thanks to: Ben, Neil, Steve and all at the Independent, Natasha and Paul, all the crew at Spark Sunderland who we did a great radio session with, the person who handed in Lisa’s purse, the chef who made my yummy roasy dinner.

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  1. Jake, I really enjoyed your stuff at this gig. Hope the rest of the tour goes great, good luck with it all.


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