#14 Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge

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Looking back on these blogs it’s rare for me to be short of words. Does anyone actually read these things to the end? I think they’re mostly for my own benefit – a channel to spew out random thoughts instead of them rattling around my brain. My career might last another 50 years or 5 minutes so I might as well document it while it lasts.

When I was younger record deals were mystical treasure controlled by cigar-smoking demi-gods in stripey suits. Wooing them wasn’t me, so I just decided to work my ass off instead.

In Sowerby Bridge we were joined by up and coming artist Rae Morris, some of her friends and family, and one the major record labels courting her signature. Her rise seems inevitable at this point – she’s young and talented with an engaging voice and good management. I didn’t hear any hits yet, but I’d be very excited to see what she’s capable of. I just hope that whatever happens she retains her own artistic vision.

The Puzzle Hall is actually just a small, friendly local pub with a reputation for attracting the best up-and-coming artists. Familiar faces plaster the walls, peering at you, challenging you to live up to their reputations.

One of them was there in the flesh – Gideon Conn who’s name will live long in the memory of anyone who has seen him live. Take a listen to his music if you can. He’s a talented artist too, and was kind enough to draw a picture for Sunderland’s postcard winner.

And what a joy to play it was! Lovely crowd, which always helps bring out the best of John and I. I loved every minute.

No major record deal for me, but do have some good news to pass on which I think is even better. Watch this space….


Postcard sent to: Ditte
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Free t-shirt to: Yorkshire Lady Rachel
Thanks to: Ben, Martin the soundman, Simon, Rae, Gideon, Rachel, the Bakewell crew!

6 Comments on “#14 Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge”

  1. What a night! A superb performance by all and it was a
    pleasure to be in the company of such talented and friendly musicians. I’ve had the album on pretty much constantly since that night. Thanks to John, Jake, Lisa, Gideon, Rae and Ben for making it a night to remember.

    Thanks again for my t-shirt :) x

  2. Me to, read them all and enjoying following the tour. Shame I can’t make it to any of them but enjoying the challenges of living in Geece. Hey, I even have The Mission 25th Ann tour to look forward to this week. Correct……not a lot of choice here at the mo….and probably showing my age!

  3. Read all; can’t believe that you’ll always have the time to do it, so I for one appreciate the time and effort in keeping us up to date – long may you continue! At least until you get so busy with the ‘fame-game’ that you need to employ a ghost-blogger…. ;-)

    And I’m sure that day will come……..

    Still got MFTF on repeat in iPod.


  4. we read everything as well and love your ramblings! We’re dead chuffed you’re supporting JB at Hammersmith which is some departure from Puzzle Hall and even more chuffed that The Greystones have agreed to let the kids in so we’ll be stalking you again on Nov 7th!! We thought the Puzzle Hall gig was special too and played your album loudly on a continuous loop all the way home to Derbyshire!! I’m off to see JB at Nottingham Arena this Sunday as it happens but no idea who the support is! Good luck for Hammersmith!

  5. me too, i’m afraid. I really quite enjoy them!! so keep on writing!

  6. i have read every one to the end so far!!! good to see the tours going well! :) (well other than the dumfimline gig!)!!

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