#7 Dexter’s, Dundee

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Whether its the high of a great gig or the low of a rubbish travelodge moment, nothing stays still on tour, and nothing lasts. Another nice life lesson maybe – everything is always changing whether we like it or not.

The morning passed by in intense debate with John about the food industry, employment, music, politics, law, science and religion – the usual. We moved on, as we always do.

Dundee is a great little city, and we were playing in the best little venue around. Whilst not a gig high on drama (certainly not compared to the next night…), it demonstrated exactly what we do best. Go somewhere and play our guts off with fire in our bellies and passion in our hearts.

I especially liked first support Rhuari Campbell, but both My Fallen Idea and Sean Robertson/Jamie Cook were great too. It feels like there’s talent in this city but they need to aim higher. What do you want? It’s fun to play covers everyone likes, but where to covers come from? From people bold enough to put themselves down in words and music. Do you have the stomach for a fight?

I admire people who don’t in many ways. The barman had one of those smiles and manners that makes you feel instantly warm and relaxed. Do you know anyone like that? How do they do it? I guess it comes from being totally relaxed and content in yourself. I wish I’d talked to him more. He had no stomach for a fight, he didn’t feel like he needed one.

Lovely people everywhere. I got the feeling there were lots of people there who don’t usually go to see live music, if that’s you then I hope you’d consider going more often.

It’s been a few days since we got properly wrecked after a gig, and there was talk of heading off to the student uni night was down the road. As Dave the astoundingly good soundman said “well if you like drunken young students dancing around in the dark on WKD then it’s perfect.”

I declined…

Postcard sent to: Jan Williams
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Thanks to: Dave, Rhuari, Craig, Sean, Jamie, Dek (always such a good sign when a promoter buys your album – thanks!), everyone at Dexter’s, Kate and her friends, Sharon, and everyone else who came to talk to us or hear us play. Thank you!!

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