#9 ABC2, Glasgow

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I wanna share a little lesson I learned about 13 years too late. The main ingredients for looking after your singing voice are:
– lots of good, uninterupted sleep
– not drinking too much alcohol
– plenty of water (at room temperature if possible)
– regular days off

I woke up in Dunfermline after 4 hours of sleep, feeling hungover and dehydraded having done a gig every night for 8 nights. At the point where I’d let go a little John was there to pick up the slack. I fell into the van and we rolled into Glasgow, and the biggest gig of the tour.

We were supporting The Bible, reuniting after a 15 year hiatus, at the 400-capacity ABC2. We ripped up our set with the kind of telepathic tightness that only comes with playing together so much. It felt good to put right the wrongs of the night before.

We were just the starter though, there was some formidable talent on the stage after us. Frontman Boo Hewadine was surrounded by ex-bandmates and session legends, in some cases both.

There was Neil MacColl, who like his brother Calum is a guitarist to the greats. Words won’t do justice to their touch, just go and see them. Martyn Barker, recently back from touring african interpretations of Led Zeppelin songs with Robert Plant, Leeroy who hadn’t played bass in 15 years but played as if it was only yesteday, founding member Tony on keys and the very lovely Kate on woodwind/accordion.

A crowd of us drank and ate curry into the early hours, talking about old times and mutual friends. Martyn regailed us all with colourful, unprintable tales of touring and working with superstars.

This is why we do what we do, so we can play great music together and let hours pass with good friends.

Postcard send to: Ashley McGregor
Next Postcard: Beverley Medine
Thanks to: Kerry and Boo for letting us play, Kevin and all at the ABC, Martyn – always such a joy to see you and be around your great energy, Neil, Leeroy, Tony and Kate, Rob and Bev.

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  1. I was workin behind the bar at that gig. Was really impressed with your material. Come back to Glasgow at some point if you don’t mind haha :)

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