#1 Pig & Fiddle, Bath

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There are always more interesting things to do than be tidy, organised and on time, so of course I haven’t packed. I didn’t actually tell any of the band this, but in our week rehearsing in Wales I forgot to pack any underwear. I thought I had but…. well… I didn’t. Rumaging through my case on day two I found only shirts, socks, my laptop and a toothbrush wrapped in cling film. Needless to say I bought more in town, but you’re getting an idea of what I can be like.

We’ve been basically gigging all year, so the ‘start’ of the tour

would just feel like business as usual right? Well… massively no. This is my first ever proper tour and I’m totally pumped. I’ve got the kind of youthful naive energy that an experienced touring band would probably snigger at. But screw them. I’m excited. Yes I’m going to learn hard lessons and make big mistakes but they’re mine to make old man. Bring it on. First up – me and double-bassist / tour manager John Parker for 10 gigs straight, mainly in Scotland.

Before the first was ‘Songs From The Shed’ – a live session run by music enthusiast Jon Earl. He started out by filming a few local acts in his shed, and popularity spread until he became inundated with requests from major bands keen to grace his be-ornamented wooden structure. Over cups of tea we talked bands we loved, mutual friends, and the rising London acoustic music night ‘HUSH’. He’s a great guy with a genuine passion for music. Do explore his site – there are some real gems on there, as well as some fillers. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which category ours falls into. It’ll be up in a month of two.

So. Bath time! The last time we played there a group of students had road tripped 120 miles from Essex to be there. Would this be a night match it?

Well we found out soon enough after being approached by a guy called Steve and his friends who had road tripped 120 miles from Devon to be there. Our success rate at getting people to travel 120 miles to Bath for our gigs therefore stands at an impressive 100%.

Postcard plans got off to a great start with Chris and B, who had travelled from Bristol. We’ll be sending them a postcard from Inverness – if you’re interested in me sending you a postcard from the road, find out more here.

I’ve been conscious recently of showing people at gigs that this is serious music for me. I know i have some songs that might raise a smile, or even make you laugh, but I also want to move you. Just like how I’ve felt moved by music, and many other things, all my life. So we went on stage with intent last night in Bath. I was a man on a mission, and the audience were superb. Well done to you Bath! The path to great gigs has to be walked together, us and you. I can’t get there alone, so thank you for coming with us.

Todays massive thanks:
The esteemed Mr Tim Hooper of Bath Uni, a long-standing promoter and super-fan and his pint-chugging crew of co-conspirators, Nick from LiveLifeWest, the always excellent Max and Doug, two of the friendliest bands we’ve met for ages, Guile and Ataraxis Vibration. Lastly the incredible Mrs Parker who put us up for the night with expert hospitality.

PS sorry – way more photos tomorrow

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