#11 Marrs Bar, Worcester

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By 1am I’d done nothing. Not the TV, film, book, tidy the flat kind of nothing, but nothing. Nothing except look at Facebook and feel bored out of my brains cos I wasn’t doing a gig. My night off at home was a let down, so thank God for Worcester the next day.

I’d been quite worried about this gig actually. Well… as worried as I get about these things – it takes a lot to rattle me. We’d done one support set there for Ed Sheeran a few months back (wow if I’d been writing blogs back then I’d have a tale to tell…), but not a lot else. Would anyone show up? The full band hadn’t played together for ages either – was this going to work?


There was a good feeling in the air though. We all felt on good form and excited to be playing. Screw it if we play to two people, let’s make it a night to remember for them.

Some people wandered in, then some more, then some more, then the room looked wow… busy. Support act Robinson started playing and…. wait… they’re actually pretty good . Really good even. This night is in danger of being a success!

After a few songs we were totally together as a band. It was a joy. After the gig a fine lady even presented us with a freshly baked delicious apple pie she’d made for us. I was speechless! I’d have taken a photo but I ate it too quickly.

Einstein was once asked to explain relativity in language people could understand. He said “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’S relativity.”

An hour on stage feels like a minute to me. I love it. Next stop Hartlepool.


Postcards sent to: Daryl Walker, Dougie Scott, Eve Walker, Alex Reg
Next Postcard To: Georgia Francis
Thanks: Vicky, Luke, Brian and all at the Marrs Bar. Robinson – excellent night – see you at Cox’s Yard, the treasure of a lady who made us apple pie – if you’re reading this get in touch! Last but by no means least the man of the match John Parker for driving us home so late. A rare gift to the world.

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