#5 Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

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Drunken nights have consequences, and much of the day went by in a daze of blurrily epic scenery. At one point I even wondered what on earth I’d write about it, but as it turned out something special happened in Aviemore – I felt totally and utterly at home.

Amongst all the usual reasons to tour, promoting your music, building your fanbase blah blah it’s the unexpected ones I’ve loved the most – the people I’m meeting, the places I’m visiting, the times shared. Maybe it’s one of those lessons we’re all doomed to endlessly learn and forget, like “I shouldn’t get too stressed about work”, “as long as we have our health” and “don’t touch that”.

What comes to mind when I say The Old Bridge Inn? A river? Obviously. Lots of nice scenery? Standard. A fireplace? Yes. Delicious food? How about a free goat’s cheese mousse with a strawberry fuckin coulis to start? Do you want a whisky with that? All capped off with the warmest smiles we’ve seen yet on tour. Holy house-move Batman.

The biggest treat was the most important though – a pindrop quiet listening audience, and the best gig of the tour. YES! All capped off with the pleasure of a seriously talented ‘support act’, Donna Maciocia, who was far too talented to be supporting me. What a lucky chap I am.


Next postcard to: Walter Micklethwait
Postcard sent to: Isla Mackay
Thanks to: Gordon and all the staff at the Old Bridge Inn, Walter and the Insider Festival crew, Isla again for a yummy breakfast, the sheep who kept getting in our way on the journey there.

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  1. you just gained 1 new fan Jake…maybe 2 as i’ve caught my dad listening to your album an few times since Sunday! i’ll admit i was unsure of what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised with your performance.your a very talented man, as is the double bass player. im glad you enjoyed visiting our part of the world. hurry back soon :D good freakin job!!!!

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