#5 Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

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Drunken nights have consequences, and much of the day went by in a daze of blurrily epic scenery. At one point I even wondered what on earth I’d write about it, but as it turned out something special happened in Aviemore – I felt totally and utterly at home.… Read the rest

#4 Newmarket Bar, Thurso

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The most northerly town in mainland scotland, Thurso greeted us with a now-familiar sight – two young men sitting on the floor pissed out of their skulls singing unrecognisable songs and hurling casual abuse at people at 4pm. Still – you shouldn’t judge a whole town on two loud drunks, so let’s get to the venue.… Read the rest

#3 The Star Inn, Stornoway

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“Ladies and gentleman we are currently experiencing engine problems, which is why we’ve basically stopped moving. We are trying to repair this and hopefully we’ll be on our way again soon.”… Read the rest

#2 Hootenanny, Inverness

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I didn’t once hear a calm reaction to our Bath – Inverness drive. What?!? 500 miles?! But actually the trip flew by in a flash- thanks in no small amount to scenery like this:


And this:… Read the rest

#1 Pig & Fiddle, Bath

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There are always more interesting things to do than be tidy, organised and on time, so of course I haven’t packed. I didn’t actually tell any of the band this, but in our week rehearsing in Wales I forgot to pack any underwear. I thought I had but…. well… I didn’t. Rumaging through my case on day two I found only shirts, socks, my laptop and a toothbrush wrapped in cling film. Needless to say I bought more in town, but you’re getting an idea of what I can be like.

We’ve been basically gigging all year, so the ‘start’ of the tour … Read the rest