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apollo13… we have a problem.

For some reason many of you are having problems downloading the track once you’ve ordered it. It’s worked every time I’ve tested it – I get a nice second email with a link to download the track. But not everyone it seems.

If you’re not getting the email with the link, I’m really sorry. Sit back, I’ll try to fix it ASAP. Tho I’m off to do a gig now so it won’t be til tomorrow. Sorry. Hey – at least you haven’t paid anything!… Read the rest

I   F E E L   F R E E

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freeloveIsn’t it good to be free?

One by one I’m going to release a track for free to anyone who gives me their email address. The first single – Reeling – will be free for 10 days. After that it will cost a bit more. After all – musicians need to make a living, right? (haha sorry – just a little musicians joke…)

To download simply head to my little sidebar and click ‘add to cart’ then ‘go to checkout’. Just enter your name and email and the track will wing it’s way over to you soon afterwards…

The link will be sent in a second email – don’t worry if it’s not there in the first!Read the rest

B O R D E R L I N E   S I N G L E

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Jake Morley Borderline Gig & Single Launch 23rd June 2009
Far from being an observation on my relationship status, this post is actually a reference to two important events happening this week.


This Tuesday 23rd June I’ll be playing a gig at London’s famous Borderline, just off Charring Cross Road. This is the first gig I’ve asked you to be at since Mid-Feb. MID-FEB I say! So it would be wonderful if you were to shimmy on down. To get on a £6 guest list, just say so in a comment on this post. or just HIT ME UP using the box on the right.


As of the same date my summer of single releases begins. It’s been a little while so I have quite a few up my sleeve. You can come here and download each one for free in turn as they get released. More details to follow……


PS If you’ve … Read the rest


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Just wondering what you think of the site really. People like you are the only reason designing a website is worthwhile, so I may as well cater it around you!

SO! more of something? less of something else? what would you like to see? Imagine, if you will, a parallel-world democracy where you can’t vote your leader out, but you can make him do whatever you like. It’s pretty much like that chez moi.

Priminster Morley

x… Read the rest

T H E   P L A N

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Here’s how it’s going to work. You come in through the south gate at 12.17am, while Red Fox distracts the guard. Remember to deactivate the security alarm.

Meanwhile, I’ll be releasing a new song every week or two via this site starting on June 23rd. While each track is the ‘new’ track, it’ll be available on free download in exchange for your email address. Fair swap? I reckon so. You can always just unsubscribe…

I’m going to keep doing that for the next few months at least, so keep checking back. Better still, subscribe to the blog or mailing list so you don’t have to remember. There’ll also be videos, gig dates and all sorts of other things like that on the way.

Then we’ll all rendezvouz back at HQ for debriefing. All clear? Any quesitons?… Read the rest

S O L I T U D E   I S   B L I S S

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So I grew a really long beard, sat alone in a house in Cornwall for a while and wrote a few cool new songs.

Have you ever spent a long period of time without seeing or speaking to anyone? The internal chatter starts to quieten down and you start hearing what’s underneath…..… Read the rest

I C E   C R E A M,   S U R F I N G,   S A N D Y   S H O E S,   S T I F F   B R E E Z E,   N I C E   W A L K S,   O L D   P E O P L E   I N   C H A R I T Y   S H O P S

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seaside icecream
So every now and again you go “scrap this, I’m off to the coast of cornwall to walk the dog for a while”. Perhaps its an evolutionary response like moving your hands to your head when you’re a sports fan and your team nearly scores.

When I’m done I’ll be back with new songs, gigs, videos, and recordings. So keep checking back!

Any special requests? If you’d like me to write a song about something then this is the time to plant the seed…

x… Read the rest